Message from the President

Our motto is based on personalized service, always aiming to serve better
our customers and consumers.
The only way justifies our success.


In the framework of the so-called manufacturing industry of the cod, the company of Manuel Marques, Lda. the company is a family-oriented, with strong traditions in the industry of salting, processing and drying of cod.

Although established in 1977, the company Manuel Marques, Lda. derives from a its counterpart in mozambique; in fact, since 1959, in the former-Portuguese province of Mozambique, its founder Manuel Marques pursued his activity as entrepreneur, also in the branch of food products, wholesale and retail.

Result of the process of decolonization that occurred after the revolution of 25 April, the project of a lifetime had to be restarted in Aveiro, in the parish of Cacia, implementing all the basic principles that have guided its activity in Mozambique - work, honesty and complete satisfaction of the customers - have been transposed to this new project.

Today with pride we can say that the project was successful; in fact, compared to the high quality standards of our products, we have a consistent market and an adequate recognition of our products.

The strategy of the business is always behind the maximum concern with the full satisfaction of the clients; it results, therefore, that the majority of our customers are loyalty because they know of the bet of the company on the quality of the products it sells.

The company Manuel Marques, Lda. sells the cod selected in the source, mainly from Iceland and Norway, which is dry in the greenhouse, following the rules of traditional processing of old Portuguese codfishing fleet of the Portuguese.

Ensures, in this way, a product that is genuinely Portuguese - cod - with the true taste of tradition.

The manufacturing, processing and handling of the fish are made internally, within the standards of hygiene and quality, monitored permanently by the management of the company.

Finally, the cod is packed with various sizes, heading for the marketing, whether in the domestic market, whether for export.

Obviously, in this internal process, we have to highlight the excellence of our employees, without which the quality criteria that we propose would be difficult to achieve.

This business model has proved fruitful, and the company Manuel Marques, Lda. has reached levels very interesting in the economic and financial.

Recently, the company was awarded with the statute PME Excellence and PME Leader since 2008, which demonstrates the consolidation of the project and is synonymous with the recognition on the part of the official entities of good financial health of the company.

For the future, we have a plan. With the support of all our partners, we continue to be a reference in the sector of business in which we operate: the manufacturing of the cod.

In addition to our activity, we have recently created on the Street of the Peace in Cacia – Aveiro a new industry transformation is designated Unit No. 2, where we process cod and all the substitutes, frozen – section demolha, vidragem, packing, climbing as well as drying, chambers of cold respectively, storage and marketing – whose development was approximately 7.000.000,00 Euros, the investment that much to be proud of, having created thus a better response to the market and more production capacity.


Our quality begins in the selection of the cod and continues in the internal process, when it comes to the company, up to the time of the sale.