12 from October of 2020

Cod in the Evening of Conssoada

Is there a family tradition more Portuguese than Bacalhau na Noite de Consoada? More than that is the demand of consumers for high quality products at this time.

24 from March of 2020

Food and practice, but it's jam-packed with locally-sourced

In order to avoid the agglomerations and areas with a lot of people, 36g de Sal has been made available for the sale of cod in the set quick-frozen, already steeped in 600/700g, fillets, cod, gourmet, in packs of 800g, bread, of salt cod, in packages of 400 g, and the tongues of cod fish in a small jars of 1 kg. The store in the Market Manuel Firmino is currently closed as a precautionary measure in order to comply with the national plan for the contingency of a COVID-19, but we accept orders online for pickup in store on the day and time to be arranged.
#safetyfirst #traditionalfood #localproducts

21 from February of 2020

Srº Manuel Marques

Manager Manuel Marques, Lda and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Manuel Marques" & amp; Sons, INC.

Thank you, and a mass

His Wife, Children, Grandchildren, and other Family to come in for this, inform all of the people, their relationships, and the friendship that the mass, after 6 months of His / her death will be held tomorrow, Thursday, the 22nd of February, at 19 o'clock, in the Church and in Cacia, in the district of Aveiro in portugal.
The family gratefully acknowledges all those who are dignarem to see this act as a religious.

the Wife: Ana Pereira Marques
the Sons: Anabela Marques, and Jose Manuel Marques

19 from February of 2020

Manuel Marques, in 36g DE SAL

Manuel Marques, Lda. is a family-owned business with strong traditions in the field of salt processing and drying of cod. This is the company aveirense sell cod to the selected source comes from Iceland, and Norway, where it is dried in an oven, under the rules of the drying out of the traditional old Portuguese codfishing fleet in portugal. With the aim of maintaining the traditional healing, Manuel Marques, now you have a list of products from a huge variety and the best quality. In your store, 36g DE SAL, you can also find bread, of salt cod dry, and sames, cod tongues, cod fish and the cod of the post is already steeped.

28 from August of 2019

Tribute To Srº Manuel Marques

At the time of my departure, to say good-bye you don't have to return, there are more than enough words, and there is a shortage on the comfort. An angel, a new people and a new star lights up the sky. The world became poorer with the passing of those who will forever live on in our hearts as well as our own lives are also sadden with your loss, but one that will be remembered for the wonderful person who left us the teachings and beautiful memories. Up to one day.

27 from August of 2019

Thank you

"Manuel Marques, Lda, Manuel Marques, and Children in SA has come through this medium to say thank you to all those who have passed on their condolences at the passing of our managing partner, Mr Manuel Marques.
It was with a special tenderness and consideration, and in a moment of extreme grief for both of our companies, we have received words of sincere esteem, recognition, respect, and the eternal longing for the Mr, Manuel Marques.
To all of you on behalf of myself and/or the institutions they represent, have sent us words of comfort – thank you very much.
In The Direction Of

27 from August of 2019

82-year-old's life - Srº Manuel Marques

The Srº Manuel Marques, the Manager, Manuel Marques, Lda., passed away on the 22nd of August.
"A man with a special spirit of entrepreneurship," and “faithful to the basic principles of the guide, such as dedication, honesty, and customer satisfaction to the next, combined with the consistency of the values, and total commitment in all aspects of their personal and professional lives”. "

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11 from May of 2013

Typical Cod Aveirense

Manuel Marques, with headquarters in Cacia-Aveiro is one of the good references in the national and international market. It stands out for the accuracy in the process of cod of high quality, using the traditional way...

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18 from September of 2015

Cod National with Traditional Healing

The story of Manuel Marques, Lda dates back to the year 1959 in the red lands of Mozambique, the country where Manuel Marques started its activity in trade of food products.
On the 27th day of October, in the year 1977, the administrator installs it in Portugal...

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