Instructions and primary care to get a good quality in the confection of cod

The dry cod should not remain in the environment of temperature of more than 18ºC.

Let run the water for two to three seconds to espelir the cloros of the water, then put some ice in the container where it will do the demolhagem of cod so that the water is fresh - the water temperature should be approximately 7ºC.
The time of the demolhagem of cod varies depending on the thickness of the same:
- 3 days - up to 72horas, to cod, with a weight of more than 2Kg;
- 2 days - up to 48horas, to cod, with a weight of less than 2Kg.
Changes of water must be made 8 in 8 hours, not forgetting the placement of the ice to achieve the ideal temperature of demolhagem. For the cod shredded, we must put the crumbs in a colander and leave it in cold water for 20 minutes.
After steeped, the cod is ready to be built, or it may be frozen, passing the po with a clean cloth to remove the excess water.